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This activity is an opportunity for participants to discuss solutions to problems they are passionate about. Discussion rooms are available for participants to choose from, each with different discussion leaders, themes of interest and related SDGs.

  • Participants choose 1 room of discussion to join. 

  • Thematic discussions are 45-minute sessions where participants join in on a discussion on a specific theme. Discussion sessions are led by our Youth Leaders.

  • All participants must register for a discussion room. Limited spots are available. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.



All participants must join one discussion session. Participants can join any round of discussion session.



10:00AM - 10:45AM

Discussion Session 1

11:00AM - 11:45AM

Discussion Session 2

1:00PM - 1:45PM

Discussion Session 3


The Double Standards in Standardized Education

  • Discussion on competitive standardized grading criterias and how it promotes inequality and poor long-term academic outcomes.

  • Discussions on economic, resources, and opportunities aspects of education.


Greenwashing, A Marketing and Corporate Perspective

  • Discussion on possible incentives for companies to contribute more to global waste reduction campaigns and sustainable production lines.

  • Discussion on corporate sustainability policies and recyclable products made by companies and its long-term feasibility on sustainable material usage.


Tourism: What Now? And What Next?

  • Discussion on the awareness of the impacts tourism has to the environment and the comparisons between the environmental impact between ecotourism and non-ecotourism.

  • Discussion on sustainable solutions and ideas to ecotourism and brainstorming new ideas on sustainable inventions ie. artificial coral reef housing.


Unspoken Truths of Migrant Workers

  • Discussion on rights of illegal migrant workers and their susceptibility to employer rights exploitation due to lack of legal protection.

  • Discussion on the status quo of immigration process and how it can be streamlined to improve illegal migrants issues.


The Reality of LGTBQ+ in Asia

  • Discussion on LGBTQ+ media representation in pinkwashing and tourism exploitation of Thailand’s LGBTQ+ sex workers.

  • Discussion on the radicalization of LGBTQ+ laws in modern Asian nations.


Agro-Economy– Hard Work Pays?

  • Discussion on the lack of social mobility of populations in the agricultural sector.

  • Discussion on solutions to improve the economic impacts of agricultural products.

  • Discussion on ways to support farmers to help them achieve long-term productivity growth


Slums and Poverty: Build Your Own Education System

  • Discussion on community school scattered throughout the nation that do not provide quality education to support slum residents

  • Discussion around ‘What would your ideal education system be?’


Destructive Dualities of Educational Inequality And The Digital Divide

  • Discussion on the lack of internet infrastructure within rural areas to support online learning and how we can solve them.

  • Discussion on possible improvements to different aspects of education across the nation.


Health and Wellbeing During COVID-19

  • Discussion on healthcare management and policies on governance level

  • Discussion on the globalization of healthcare and medical technologies that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Discussion on mental health stigma in Asia and how COVID-19 exacerbated the mental health issues in all populations


Are Green Technologies Actually Green?

  • Discussion on the efficiency of renewable energy and how to improve them.

  • Discussion on the feasibility of electric vehicles as sustainable solution to reducing carbon emission from transportation

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