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The Final Round Facebook Live:



The members of team RTG include Tatiana Skory, Rie Aiyama and Gao Kamalanavin. Team RTG presented their solution called ‘Jobtin’, an online platform that matches employees and employers. The effects of COVID-19 to youth unemployment in Thailand were addressed. Firstly, youths are most likely to be unemployed or have wages reduced because employers consider them as less experienced or less liable to the business. Another factor is that youth tends to be employed in an informal sector such as the hospitality industry, which is the sector that is impacted by COVID-19 the most. Furthermore, the existing inequality pushes youth, women and other minority groups further away from being employed. The inequality among young women is highlighted by the team.


The team’s solution is Jobtin, an web-based online platform that matches employment positions for youths and minority groups that are looking for work. It’s concept is similar to Linkedin and Tinder. It aims to match employer to employee based on interests, skills, qualifications, and wages. In addition, Jobs will be exclusive to small businesses and youths. Jobtin process starts with its user filling in a survey, setting up an advertisement which will cost 25 baht per week. One the advertisement is up on the website, future employees can look through all the job openings and search for ones to apply for. Apart from matching employment, the team plans to use Jobtin as an free online learning platform for young women on how to work in certain fields and gain experience as well. The online learning program will be done by partnering with an organization that offers free education.

From their solution, the team stressed on 3 relevant SDGs to Jobtin which are SDG 5: Gender inequality, SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and SDG 10: Reduced inequalities. With Gender inequality, women are more likely to be employed in the informal sector, therefore they are more likely to be affected by COVID-19 than men. To this problem, Jobtin can help women find new employment, therefore it strives to create equality between genders. Moreover, allowing youths to find suitable jobs for themselves can increase job experience for future careers which contributes to Decent Work and Economic Growth. Lastly, creating a platform for minorities to find employment will help reduce the inequality in Thailand.

The winner of Youth for SDGs is ​team RTG from Bangkok Patana School​. ​Team RTG will receive 8,000 thai baht in order to aid the implementation of their solution; ‘Jobtin’.

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