From Satiti Kaset IP
First Place Case Challenge Winners
From Satiti Kaset IP

"MyWaste is an application which tackles the problem of food and plastic waste in Thailand, by preventing overconsumption while targeting wastes already disposed into natural environments. Users collect points through the application by completing two possible actions: either by refusing plastic straws, bags, and cups, or purchasing excess food that are close to their expiration dates. After taking these actions, users are able to scan a QR code provided by store employees, which will automatically keep a record of those points within the application. These points can eventually be exchanged for rewards that contribute to alleviating the waste problem. For every certain amount of points exchanged, 100 kilograms of trash will be picked up from natural environments by our company and NGOs. A higher amount of points can be exchanged for free eco-tourism trips where users will be joining cleanup and wildlife conservation activities, exploring exotic floras and faunas, while also stimulating the local economy." 
You can check out their presentation here: