SDGS youth talks

As the Youth For SDGs event 2021 was officially moved online, we have extended an opportunity for participants to get a chance to give a speech during our segment of SDGs talk. Our three youth speakers will be giving a speech with the theme surrounding the idea of youth activation towards sustainable development goals. 

Design and SDGs by Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert

The first youth speaker is Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert. His talk is titled ‘Design and SDGs’ in which he stressed why design and art are pivotal for social change and why people should continue pursuing their unconventional passions to find the intersection between their expertise, collaboration, and social change. Growing up, Mr. Kongtaveelert has always been interested in making art and design, but combined with his passion for social change, he was not sure how the two could go together. Later he realized that art and design can help facilitate different changes. It was stressed that art can be used as a facilitator to help people to discuss or talk about difficult situations. In addition, the example of the art that Kongtaveelert made for his school was given. That art was made to facilitate the conversation about masculinity and gender biases and it ultimately led people to discuss gender biases they have experienced. However, design in itself can be the solution to social problems as well such as. Mr.Kongtaveelert is a part of the ‘PolyPoly Eco Initiative’ in which art and designs play an important role in motivating others to donate and recycle plastic. For him, little steps that we think aren’t that major could ultimately lead to a bigger change and everything can be useful.

It's a Start to Leave a Spark by Naomi Duklan

The second youth speaker is Naomi Duklan. She gave a talk called ‘It’s a Start to Leave a Spark’. In her talk, miss Duklan addressed the most fundamental and important choice young change-makers could make. According to the theme of this year Youth for SDGs ‘Small Steps, Big Changes’, She stressed the importance of raising awareness and spreading knowledge as a way to start the changes. These small steps can be overlooked or be seen as unimportant but it is a way to start. To illustrate, Miss Duklan has participated in Model United Nation and uses her participation to raise awareness to others.

Conquer Habits, Conquer SDGs by Tahmim Reza Sithe

The last youth speaker for this year's SDGS talk is Tahmim Reza Sithe. In her talk titled ‘Conquer Habits, Conquer SDGs’, She urged fellow youths to find the time to reform our habits and presented a step-by-step guide on how to improve small actions in order to create a collectively significant lasting impact on the world. She stressed that ‘everything that exists is the sum of all the little things you do on a daily basis which is our habits’. Therefore, with the right habits can conquer even the biggest SDGs. However, setting new habits is easier said than done. She then shared a step-by-step guide to start new habits, adapted by international best seller book ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear. The first step is to start small, small meaning an action that you don’t need motivation to perform it. Then, gradually challenge yourself more. Third step is to break habits into small doable chunks. The next step is to remember that it’s acceptable to slip up, consistent is needed not perfection. Lastly, Patient is the most important element. She ended her talk by further stressed that if everyone trades in our habits for better ones, reaching SDGs will be doable.