This activity is an opportunity for participants to discuss solutions to problems they are passionate about. Discussion rooms are available for participants to choose from, each with different discussion leaders, themes of interest and related SDGs.

Education does not see Gender

  • Promoting equal access of women to quality education and the issue of sexual harassment in schools

  • Providing solutions for undereducated women searching for jobs in rural Thailand


Achieve Gender Equality and Empower all Women

  • Promoting provision of sustainable energy in rural areas of Thailand

  • Combating the consequences of carbon emissions due to fossil fuel power plants and examining ways to encourage nations to be more committed to Paris Agreement


End Hunger, Achieve Food Security, Improved Nutrition

  • Tackling HIV and STIs in rural regions of Thailand

  • Destigmatizing sex education and promoting understanding of safe sex and HIV

  • Provision of medications and contraceptives in rural and religious areas of Thailand

  • The question of legalisation of abortion laws


Agriculture Amidst Climate Change

  • Improving grass-root level awareness on sustainable agricultural practices 

  • Exploring agricultural solutions to adapt to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters and monoculture to solve hunger and food security issues locally


Unheard Voices of Capitalism

  • The issue of sweatshops and irresponsible treatment of workers 

  • The issue of multinational firms exhausting resources in less developed countries

  • The issue of the balance between government unemployment benefits, supply-side policies and disincentive to work to improve economic growth of LEDCs


What Awaits the end of the Rainbow?

  • Promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for LGBTQIA+ population in Thailand 

  • The issue of regulating and protecting sex workers in Thailand

  • Discrimination against trans sex workers

  • Human trafficking of illegal sex workers


Economic Development

  • Increasing consumer awareness and preference for "green" goods

  • Examining the effectiveness of raising awareness regarding environmental concerns through online platform in the cyber age. 

  • The influence of consumers to prompt the implementation of circular economy

  • Tackling issue of waste management and recycling


Working Woman

  • Providing solutions to the discriminatory treatment in the workplace

  • Gender wage differentials 

  • Provision of paternal leave to reduce pressure on mothers to leave jobs to raise children

  • The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace 

  • Achieving tangible goals of women empowerment in tandem with UN organizations such as HeForShe 


Goodbye, Ariel

  • The issue of microplastics and bioaccumulation in marine ecosystems of Thailand

  • Reducing overfishing while ensuring sustainable living and welfare of coastal rural communities


Save the Trees, Free the Animals

  • The issue of deforestation and planting foreign species which disrupts the ecosystems such as Eucalyptus trees in Thailand

  • The issue of wildlife conservation under the CITES treaty in Thailand

  • The issue of wildlife poaching and ethical concerns regarding animal cruelty issues in entertainment industry e.g. training elephants in Thailand


Malnutrition the Silent Killer

  • Tackling malnutrition and obesity and promoting a healthy nutritious lifestyle

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the sugar tax and developing more policies to tackle obesity



  • Providing access of clean water and solutions for regions which rely on groundwater which can be unsustainable and damaging to the land

  • Issues of water-borne diseases such as cholera and wastewater management in urban and industrial areas


The New Kind of 'High'

  • Strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol

  • The issue of legalisation of Marijuana in Thailand


Ripples of Innovation

  • Exploring how the STEM field impacts the welfare of people

  • Reasons of the imbalance of women in the field

  • Discussing how the trend of internet of things (IoT) have influenced the definition and accessibility of infrastructure

  • Investigating ways innovation has improved efficient and sustainable production


Bob the Sustainable Builder

  • Investigating ways the environmental disasters affects communities and efforts made to reduce the impact on land. 

  • Exploring ways in which scientists and urban planners are making changes to improve the issue of sustainability and accessibility of infrastructure


Organic and Chemical-Free

  • The threats to pollinators and implications to food security and agriculture

  • The introduction of foriegn species and GMOs and impact on local species

  • The issues surrounding sustainable livestock farming