This podcast, we’re super excited to be introducing 3 different speakers and all the advocacy work they’ve been doing during the pandemic.


First, we will be talking about Kuhn Mutsumi Adachi, Founder of the Sang Foundation. This organization was created to raise public awareness on how to reduce plastic usage. Since the pandemic, they’ve raised around 750,000 Baht from donations and have fed around 3,000 families who were economically affected by the crisis.


Next, we will introduce Marlena Laura Wilson, Director of Grin Green International. Since the pandemic, they’ve been focusing on creating artwork while also using their social media platform to find solutions to problems certain people may be undergoing. They have made it a number-one priority to use this pandemic as an opportunity to develop our community.


And last but not least, we will be talking about Nanticha Ocharoenchai, an environmental writer and storyteller and Founder of Climate Strike Thailand. Her enthusiasm and dedication, along with her passion for the environment, allowed her to host the first ever climate strike in Thailand, inspired by the Friday’s For Future march by Greta Thunberg.


If you’re interested in hearing more from our lovely speakers, be sure to tune in to Podcast Episode 5!