Episode 2A

In this podcast, Tasmin tells us the incentive behind Trash Hero and talks us through the many environmental projects at Starboard, from planting mangroves to trash collection. As you may know, the beaches here in Thailand are heavily polluted, so Starboard sends out a team to collect plastic every day - they have recently reached their yearly goal of collecting 50,000 kg of trash. As Starboard has been selected for the Olympics for their windsurfing equipment, they plan to create a sustainability agreement where single-use plastics will be banned from any event they are in. Tasmin has also been working with ProtectBlue on a project called Ambassadors for the Planet. It is an educational workbook for all students to work on, aiming towards finding solutions to our problems today through the power of youths.


If you’d like to join a clean up in Thailand, follow Trash Hero’s Facebook page here to keep up with their events: www.facebook.com/trashherobangkok. Visit www.star-board.com to find out more about Starboard.

Episode 2B

Dr. Wayne is a lecturer in Ecology and Conservation at Mahidol University International College. With his PhD on measuring photosynthesis, he wanted to continue his work with a focus on coral reef systems. After witnessing first-hand a beach completely covered in plastic waste (with 500 shoes found on just 90m of beach), Dr. Wayne created Project Koh Sak (facebook.com/project.koh.sak/), which organises beach clean-ups and classifies and investigates the types of plastic waste found to identify key threats to coral reefs. Tune in to Episode 2B for Dr. Wayne’s take on the impact of COVID-19 on Thailand’s water waste and how younger generations, such as ours, can take action for the future of our planet.