Youths for SDGs is a 2-day conference for international high school students to come together to discuss global issues, raise awareness on SDGs, and come up with innovative solutions to ongoing problems. The event will serve as a platform for brainstorming and sharing ideas and networking through activities that will require creativity and problem-solving skills to explore potential and practical ways for young individuals to overcome obstacles to the SDGs, with small to medium-scale action as the main focus.


23-24 January 2021

King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang International Demonstration School



Youths play an important role in advocating for and achieving the global goals. While major institutions like governments and corporates play a crucial role in solving each of these issues, oftentimes, young people are the ones who decide to take the initiative     and action.

All individuals, no matter what age, have an impact towards the society they live in, whether big or small. While people like activists Malala Yousafsai and Joshua Wong, and even the then-teenage entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, have changed change the world unique ways, they did not know what was in store for them until they tried. Even the smallest decisions we make in our daily lives affect the world around us in different ways, just as all the problems in the world affect us, both directly and indirectly. Why wait for someone else to change, or for the government to do something? It’s time we create the future we want. It’s time we be the change we want to see in the world.

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Our Core Team

Get to know our team!

We’re a group of undergraduate and high school students from different schools and backgrounds, passionate about driving change for our society. We’ve had many different opportunities to learn about social issues in our high school years, whether it be through leading clubs in school working towards the SDG goals, attending UN Conferences in the New York, or learning about local sustainability practices in Thailand’s rural areas. Although we have different experiences and backgrounds, one thing that we share in common is our passion for changing the world for the better, in the ways we can. We strongly believe in the power of youth in being the drivers of future change. As we have gotten numerous different opportunities to learn about social change, we wanted to extend this opportunity for fellow youths to learn more about social issues during their high school years. Being aware of global and local issues is the first step to being the solution to them in the future. We would like to empower youths to know that everyone is capable of contributing to achieve the SDGs within their spheres of influence. Therefore, we teamed up to initiate this event, making this effort truly for youths, by youths.


Prima (Prim) Pupornchai

Founder, President

Youths are the changemakers of our society. We’re the believers of a better world and of creating that world. Youths can be the change we wish to see in our world. That is why I initiated this event, to create a change in my community along with many other passionate youths.

Palis (Fresh) Pisuttisarun

Co-Conference Director

I'm absolutely thrilled knowing that organising this event will inevitably start worthwhile conversations in the local community, and prove to everyone that real change is never out of reach!

Pasawat (Tang Tae) Sakulpanich

Co-Conference Director

Having attended the conference last year, I gained so many new perspectives and ideas from fellow students and left the event feeling inspired and empowered. This is why I came back!

Natnisha Ahuja


It’s a great opportunity to be able to witness the innovation, ideas, and the young minds that would make the change to our world. “They are the seedlings of our future”.

Bhumikorn (Bhu) Kongtaveelert

Discussion Director

Academic Team

I believe changes for the future starts today, and this event is a project incubator for young changemakers to learn more about ways they can make a difference. I cannot wait to see creative solutions to our local problems!

Remika (Remie) Sirikulthada

Quest Director,

Academic Team

Looking forward to meeting new people and improving my knowledge on the topic! Couldn’t be more excited knowing that this event will give youths the chance to make a difference in today’s world!

Pantach (Peem)


Case Director,

Academic Team

I didn't think twice about becoming a part of this inspiring event. Can't wait to listen to all the amazing ideas from youths who are the catalysts for real change in the world.

Hrithi Bhattacharya

Case Director,

Academic Team

The capability to become a catalyst for change is a dream. This event turns that dream into a reality. I was a youth leader last year and I am more than thrilled to get the opportunity to become a core leader this year.

Srishti (Sami) Soni


Coordinating Team

It inspires me to see young minds acknowledge global issues, reflect upon them, and emerge as passionate changemakers the world needs.

Adelia Liew

Event Coordinator,

Coordinating Team

The SDGs conference is a great start to cultivating today's youth into pro-active, future leaders. It allows for students who share the same passion and vision, to come together and celebrate through a matrimonial event. I greatly appreciate the opportunities the conference has given me, and hope to providing a fulfilling experience to this year's participants.

Manintorn (Mars) Lomtakul

Event Coordinator,

Coordinating Team

Youths for SDGs gives me the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. Tackling problems, working in teams, becoming more globally minded? Challenge accepted.

Tea Lonnback

Event Coordinator,

Coordinating Team

I attended the conference last year and was able to appreciate the perspective of other people's point of view of the planet. It's really eye opening to gain this perspective as one can expand their knowledge of how our planet can be saved which is what SDGs are essentially about: saving our home!

Xiaoyuan (Andy) Shang

Event Coordinator,

Coordinating Team

This event will bring passionate people from all around the region closer than ever, and together we can make so many significant changes to our community. I can't wait!

Premmika (Sanfran)



Media Team

Everybody knows the right thing to do but not all will take action. This is my action, my first step forward to contribute to changes for the better.

Creative Director,

Media Team

This student-led initiative proves to me that anyone, regardless of age, can change the world. I am over the moon to be a part of it!

Creative Director,

Media Team

An event bringing together the next generation, drawing from one another's strengths and ideas, collaboratively working towards a better future? My immediate response: Sign me up!

Ann Kanchanasakdichai

Kelly-Ann Tan

Creative Director,

Media Team

Having consistently learnt about SDGs in class over the years, I am very excited to be a part of a conference where these ideas are discussed amongst the youth, and actively engaged with in a unique experience.

Karnsiree (Ling Ling) Chen

Our Youth Leaders

Meet our youth leaders!

As an attempt to include youths in our efforts of creating the event, we opened up the opportunity to high schoolers who are already familiar with and passionate about social issues to help lead this event with us. We proud to present to you our 15 youth leaders, from different international schools, who share the same passion for solving social issues. They would be leading the discussions in the Breakout Session and activities in the Sustainability Quest. And we’re thrilled to be collaborating with them. Hearing about the creative ideas they have in store, we can’t wait to share it with you!


Alina Hatch

I am looking forward to being a part of a group of people who share the same common goal of improving our world for generations to come.

Yewon (Cristine) Jeong

As a Youth Leader, I'm doubtless of everyone's potential to change the world. I believe everyone's ideas at Youth for SDGs will call for action and develop plausible solutions.

Elena Bien

I am excited to be part of a conference where students are interested and passionate about working together to talk about world issues and how we can help others.

Thanyasorn (Honey) Chokeapinun

Youth SDG is super beneficial not just for all of us but for our planet’s future as well and this is a perfect chance for us , the next generation, to step up and take on this responsibility to better our world and to find solutions to all the ongoing problems.

Lucia (Lucy) Lee

The SDG goals are the pathway for the future we all imagine. Our minor efforts will be ensured to improve the lives of the future generation, so take action!

Muskan Gurbuxani

I am willing to bring a change in this world. This event gives me a platform to raise my voice, allows me to meet new people, overcome my fears, and grow as a person.

Tidapa (Naka)


Being apart of this event will not only enable me to develop key skills but also an opportunity for me to change the world and raise awareness about sustainable development.

Nicha (Nemmy)


I am extremely grateful that I am able to participate in such an inspiring event: SDGs. Additionally, I’m truly passionate about coming up with solutions to solve these terrible problems.

Petra Pongsudhirak

As students of international schools, we are privileged to have a great education that allows us to have opportunities to exchange ideas and find solutions to the existential problems of our times.

Poorvi Daga

I am willing to bring an impact to the society which prompts me to do this event this year. I am excited to work with everyone and share my experience.

Shradha Silori

I was introduced to Youths for SDGs last year and I participated as a youth leader. I am really passionate about knowing more about the SDGs and work with people.

Shreyaa Srivastava

All I can say is that I’m filled with gratitude to participate in Youths for SDGs again this year. Our world’s complex issues inspire me to find justified answers to such problems.

Soumili Kar

Being a youth leader allows me to personally play a helping hand in corroborating a sense of awareness, and get a more hands-on experience in educating people about global issues.

Varisa (Fern) Tantivess

I believe that the SDGs are integral in facilitating change in our world and the conference is the perfect opportunity for youths to exchange ideas and offer innovative solutions.

Fasai (Prin) Pulkes

Youths for SDGs inspires our generation to fight for the future we want. I am grateful to be a part of building a better future for us and for future generations to come.

Lina Puthengot

With privilege comes responsibilities. Those who are unfortunate enough to not have a voice deserve someone fortunate enough to have one. That responsibility of using my voice is one that I have never regretted taking.

Our Partners

 Youths for SDGs 2021's supporting partners include UNDP Thailand, Compass Education, and King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang International Demonstration School. Thank you partners!

Join Us!

Join Us!

Interested to join in the action?

Registration period: September 23rd - October 22nd, 2020

Register by contacting your school's teacher representative!

If we have not contacted your school yet, feel free to email us, and we'll get in touch with a teacher from your school regarding your interest.

Join us and be the change you wish to see in the world!

Registration Fee: 1,000 Thai Baht

This fee includes lunches and snacks during the two days of the event, as well as an exclusive Youths for SDGs mask. The organisation is a non-profit organisation. All remaining funds will be used by the organisation to advocate for SDGs.

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