Case Challenge

It's time for you to take on the challenge!

This activity serves as a chance for participants, in teams of three, to use their knowledge to solve a real-life ongoing problem in Thailand, within 2.5 hours. Each solution should show not only originality and inventiveness, but also feasibility, which will be judged based on an action plan and implementation timeline. Furthermore, the solutions must not rely on government actions and policies, as to prove its practicality for all stakeholders, whether big or small.


The preliminary round includes a presentation and a pitch:

  • Presentation:  7-minute presentation with slides  |  3-minute Q&A

  • Pitch:  5-minute elevator pitch style  |  Can get creative!  |  No slides

Teams with highest scores will advance into the final round:

  • Final Presentation:  7-minute presentation with slides (same as above)  |

Q&A with judge and audience

The winner to emerge from the final round of the case challenge will receive seed capital to implement a small-scale solution of their idea! Finalists and winners will receive attractive prizes!

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Stand to win prizes given out

to finalists and winners!

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